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Emergency Dentistry

Do you have any of the following problems?

- Uncontrollable pain

- Broken teeth

- Lost crowns

Call us on 01234 205529 for a same day appointment to resolve your issue!

Pricing for an emergency appointment is as follows:
- Current patients £30

- New patients £55

Plus the cost of emergency treatment, eg;

- Extractions £90/£120

- Nerve removal £75

- Temporary filling £25

- Recement crown £30


If you are reading this looking for advice on pain relief, current guidance suggests that the following protocol will help with most instances of dental pain until you can get to us!
- 2x500mg tablets of paracetamol 4x a day


-2x200mg tables of ibuprofen 3x a day

*please ensure ibuprofen doesn't interfere with any of your current medications/conditions

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